Meeting Time: April 20, 2020 at 9:00am PDT

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    Heidi Hernandez over 2 years ago

    I strongly oppose the Best Western Hotel on Orchard Ave being used as a homeless shelter. Please consider all the ugliness that comes along with a homeless shelter. Do we really want that right in the middle of our shopping and business community? I realize there is good that comes out of providing a shelter because I don't want the homeless wandering around on our streets either. However, the facility which is used should NOT be so close to our shopping, schools, businesses, etc. Protecting our citizens who live, work and go school (children) in this area should be our first priority. We, (the had working tax payers) deserve to feel safe walking to our cars especially in the early morning or evenings when it is dark. A homeless shelter, for those individuals or families in our community who are truly down on their luck and need a helping hand is one thing. But you and I know that these places end up getting filled with transient people from all areas who actually CHOOSE this life style and they bring with them drugs, disease, and crime. Why are we giving them a prime commercial tax revenue building in our beautiful town to destroy? Why are we inviting these transient people with all their friends to migrate to our downtown? I believe a better solution can be found. Please take the time to consider all these concerns and hear the voices of the people who thrive and contribute to this community.
    Thank You, Heidi