Meeting Time: July 20, 2021 at 9:00am PDT

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5c) Assistant Chief Executive Officer's Budget Report (Sponsor: Executive Office)

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    Carla Sarvis 2 months ago

    i mistakenly clicked 'oppose' as i oppose the Boundary Line Adjustment but it seems I should have clicked 'support' in that i support the Appeal before the Board of Supervisors....please make a note of that, if possible.

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    Steve Lane 2 months ago

    Dear Board of Supervisors,

    Our home is about 500 ft from Parcel B APN 069-320-02 on Nameless Lane, Fort Bragg Ca. We strongly support Dr. William Schieve's appeal of the Coastal Permit Administrator's approval of a boundary adjustment. We ask that the board members give close attention to the cogent arguments made by Mr. Collin Morrow, Dr. Schieve's lawyer, concerning the improper process used in the execution of the boundary adjustment.

    We also ask that the Board take into account that this boundary line adjustment is being made for the sole purpose of advancing the approval of a planned 11-parcel sub-division. This sub-division is ill-advised for a number of reasons including limited water capacity for supporting 11 single-family homes and a land-use history as a waste disposal site for old motor vehicles and appliances. Despite recent wholly inadequate testing showing only low levels of hydrocarbon contamination that was directed by the property owner, it remains true that previous testing performed by the Mendocino County Environmental Health of this unremediated site showed soil levels of hydrocarbon contamination 300-times greater than the allowed limit. Neighbors are concerned the disruption of contaminants by the planned construction would threaten the water quality on the site as well as surrounding properties.

    For these reasons, we ask that the Board approve Dr. Sheive's appeal.

    With respect,

    Liz O'Hara
    Dr. Steve Lane