Meeting Time: September 14, 2021 at 9:00am PDT

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5f) Discussion and Possible Action Including Acceptance of a Presentation from Code Enforcement Division Regarding Current Data, Statistical Information and Overall Division Metrics (Sponsor: Planning and Building Services)

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    Sheila Jenkins at September 14, 2021 at 12:04am PDT

    I am thankful to be seeing more evidence in the papers this year that Code Enforcement is working to eliminate the illegal cannabis grows.
    The advertising of this work with the inclusion of photos is important and should act as a deterrent.
    However, it appears that most of the action taken is to just "abate" the plants without also informing the public that a fine will be levied. This sends the wrong message. I think if you want to deter this activity then you need to impose a penalty: abate AND impose a fine.

    I also would like to share my personal experience with Code Enforcement which unfortunately has not been very encouraging.
    Generally, I have had little luck getting anyone on the phone to take my complaint. And when I submit a complaint via email I do not get a call back to acknowledge receipt or to describe any action that will be taken by the department.

    My complaints have described the unpermitted excavation of miles of roads on very steep hillsides to illegal hoop houses. One such complaint was dealt with a month too late and the other complaint was ignored altogether.

    In my view, this should be a priority call but apparently, it does not as yet warrant any action, not even a return phone call. This is not appropriate and it does not instill much faith in this department's ability to respond to a county overrun by such activity.

    In the future, I do hope that Code Enforcement will receive more funding so that they can have staff to answer their phone, and so that serious violations involving illegal roading and excavation can be dealt with promptly. Otherwise, we will continue to suffer from irreparable damage being done to our lands.

    FYI, When Yolo County increases the number of Cannabis permits they provide a corresponding increase to the number of Code Enforcement Officers then hired. A policy you may wish to consider going forward.