Meeting Time: December 14, 2021 at 9:00am PST

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5d) Noticed Public Hearing - Discussion and Possible Action Including Adoption of Resolution Amending the Exhibit X - Master Fee Schedule Effective January 13, 2022 Unless Code or Policy Require Longer, Including but not Limited to Cultural Services Agency, Clerk of the Board, Behavioral Health, Planning and Building Services, and Public Health-Environmental Health (continued from December 7, 2021) (Sponsor: Executive Office)

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    michelle mcwhorter over 1 year ago

    Dear Board of Supervisors,

    We would like to address the fee schedule for hoop houses. We own a small generational family organic fruit and vegetable (only) operation along the Mendocino Coast. With all of the hardships and struggles we have encountered upgrading our large gardens into commercial market gardens in the past few years, the permitting prices and processes have been of the most challenging. Please understand that farmers (food farmers) are not in a high income bracket. One recent example regarding the permit fees not being economically sensible is this: We need to build a 14x20 ft hoop house that costs $127.10 for materials. The permit is $360.49. We are paying roughly 3x the cost of the material for the permit. We have calculated that we can put roughly 75 heads of lettuce in this small space, selling 65 marketable ones for $1 each wholesale. And this is before expenses and/or labor...Hopefully you can see our difficulty in this matter, considering we would like to build several more. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping your local farmers feed our wonderful community.

    Your local food farmers