Meeting Time: July 26, 2022 at 9:00am PDT

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3m) Approval of Agreement with Planet Labs PBC. to Provide Satellite Imaging Services in the Amount of $351,240.00 Effective July 27, 2022 through July 26, 2023

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    Matt Maguire over 1 year ago

    Dear Supervisors

    There is no need for Live Satellite imagery to assist cannabis Farmers with the transition from provisional to Annual state Licenses.
    Programs like Google Maps and the California Dept Of Fish And Wildlife
    CNDDB satellite imagery are free.
    These Grant Funds Cannot be used for enforcement, I strongly suggest you seek Outside counsel on this matter before approving these Funds. Please don't put our LJAGP funds at risk, and put these Funds into something that will actually help farmers
    I fully support the MCA Memo

    Thank You
    Matt Maguire

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    Laura Clein over 1 year ago

    Dear Supervisors -

    First & foremost, on the subject of satellite imagery, the County & State are already regulating the commercial cannabis industry to such a degree that this seems like over the top over-regulation. The rationale that we need, at this point to put legal farms further under a microscope, while the illegal cartels continue to run rampant, is literally crazy. Yet you cannot use THIS tranche of grant money for enforcement! IF you approve this item today, we strongly support the MCA memo requesting clarity on how you will control the use, the process of checks & balances to assure the public that it's used in an ethical & legal way. What are you going to do today to insure this satellite system does not cause further irreparable harm to your citizens.

    Speaking of the harm cause by the drug war, the equity grants are meant to helps folks who were affected by it in the past. We have already established that the entire MCD program is made up of legacy farms that worked in the industry prior to Prop 64. These grants, along with the jurisdictional grants, are earmarked to help exactly this cohort to make the transition. With the release of the Grand Jury report related to the cannabis equity Grants, it is clear it's on the County, not the farmers, that we are in this mess of permitting process. That is also what farmers have been telling you for years. Now the objective eyes of the Grand Jury are in agreement. It's not just the surveillance or equity grants, the Grand Jury concluded it's the entire program that is STILL in disarray. What are you going to do about the regulatory mess you have created? We agree with the Grand Jury recommendation for a cannabis Standing Committee. It has in fact been requested by the cannabis stakeholders for at least 6 years.

    Radical idea maybe, but it seems time to revisit what Chair Williams has said numerous times in the BOS meetings, paraphrasing here, "Let's grandfather phase 1(&2) into the program & get on with other County business." Yes please. You could also divide the SIXTEEN MILLION dollars the County received form the State in grant funding on behalf of the legacy farmers,equally between permits, using the 2500 sq foot as you base grant, x2 for 5000, x4 for 10, 000. We are just trying to offer simplifications because as closely as we have been watching & engaged in this process on our own farm, the more we see that every single time you say you are streamlining, it actually adds more & more layers of complications.

    Thank you,
    Laura & Marty Clein

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    david silverstone over 1 year ago

    you Must First pay the grant applicants that were affected by these same enforcement activities years ago. these grant applicants have been waiting over a year for your board to get off their asses and do what they promised to do. I am absolutely outraged by your boards lack of activity to do what is right. I will vehemently oppose your reelections, and do all in my power to show the state officials how you have mishandled this counties responsibilities and done disservice to its residents. its no wonder real estate values have crashed here and most business/stores are failing since its all connected to our primary economic force here, CANNABIS

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    Christina Colangelo over 1 year ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Personally, I think satellite imagery for legal farms is ridiculous and unnecessary. We’ve been regulated enough and I’ve just had it with been treated like a criminal. It would be better used to find and eliminate illegal cannabis grows if anything.

    But since you’ve already been approved the grant funds for this, I implore you to follow MCA’s recommendations for not abusing this satellite imagery system and to be absolutely held as accountable for the spending of grant funds as us farmers are.

    Thank you
    Christina Colangelo
    Stardust Farm & Flower

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    Michael Katz over 1 year ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Please see the attached MCA memo with recommendations for item 3m on the Consent Calendar regarding Satellite Imagery.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance