Meeting Time: October 17, 2022 at 1:30pm PDT

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2b) Discussion and Possible Action Including Providing Recommendations to Staff and a Referral to the Board of Supervisors Regarding the Streamlining of Cannabis Department Programs and Chapter 10A.17 (Sponsor: Cannabis)

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    Chantal Simonpietri over 1 year ago

    Hello Supervisors,
    AD Hoc Recommendation #3 - "Clarify existing safety and disease exemptions" ... and "direct County Counsel to prepare procedural options for allowing tree removal" - I recommend that the GGC examine what the rule and exception are regarding tree removal / vegetation modification, and specifically clarify what the scope of the exception is and how to procedurally fit within it. The definition and exception procedure should be fair, reasonable, and efficient, while maintaining alignment with the BOS' general consensus that MCD staff be directed to be "as reasonable as possible". Chart a path for inclusion and success for the majority.

    Additionally, I implore the GGC to work with the MCD and County Counsel to clarify the tree removal/vegetation modification rule, exception and procedure, PRIOR to developing an appeals process. I support Hannah Nelson Memo dated 8/23/22 providing clarification on Tree and Shrub modification parameters.

    Recommendation #12 - Regarding the Sensitive Species and Habitat Review screening and referral process, I recommend that the GGC direct the MCD staff to work with DFW, technical consultants, and stakeholders to review the existing screening tool for efficacy. The existing screening tool has been in place for upwards of 18 months and is due for review and refinement. The current tool results in over-referral to DFW than is necessary, which results in longer permit processing times.

    Thank you,
    Chantal Simonpietri
    Mainspring Consulting

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    Laura Clein over 1 year ago

    A quick note to thank you Supervisors Gjerde & Mulheren for taking on the cannabis conversation as a part of this General Government Committee. We know its a lot to add to your already full plates. We appreciate the continued work of the County staff & we agree with the memos sent in by MCA. The former cannabis adhoc committee forwarded a great template to help focus the beginning of this next phase of the conversation. As stakeholders & members of this community we look forward to further clarity about grants, the permit process, etc.

    Thank you! Laura & Marty Clein

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    Jed Davis over 1 year ago

    I support the recommendations submitted by the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance as the survival of the cannabis industry in our county relies more than ever on succinct and streamlined action to enable the cannabis Department to meet the needs of cultivators in a timely and efficient matter. Too many operators’ livelihoods are at risk of peril due to the MCD’s inability to quickly process applications, work through issues, and communicate effectively with participants. Without quick and decisive action aimed at streamlining processes, legal cannabis in Mendocino County is on a crash course for complete failure.

    Please act decisively and proactively in supporting the needs of the cannabis community that has pleaded it’s needs to the BOS and the Ad Hoc Committee. It’s survival is dependent on your support.

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    david silverstone over 1 year ago

    im glad to see the board is trying make it easier to be compliant with regulations and to stay part of the licensed market.
    please remember there are many jobs that people are reliant on here in the county office that requires the participation of licensees to afford paying salaries. making their jobs easier and our participation easier is essential to a thriving economy

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    Michael Katz over 1 year ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Attached please find MCA's memo for Item 2b being discussed on Monday 10-17.

    We are available to discuss further at your convenience.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance