Meeting Time: December 06, 2022 at 9:00am PST

Agenda Item

4h) Noticed Public Hearing - Discussion and Possible Action Including Adoption of Resolution Amending the Exhibit X - Master Fee Schedule Effective February 4, 2023 Unless Code or Policy Require Longer, Including but not Limited to, the Behavioral Health Recovery Services, Cannabis Management, Public Health/Environmental Health, and Social Services (Sponsor: Executive Office)

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    Clifford Morford 6 months ago

    Honorable Supervisors:

    Once again, the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance speaks for me.

    I urge you to pay heed to their memo regarding agenda item 4h) and implement its recommendations.

    Clifford Morford

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    Laura Clein 6 months ago

    We stand with MCA in support of the memo requesting additional information re: fees.

    Thank you, Laura & Marty Clein, Martyjuana

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    Monique Ramirez 6 months ago

    Dear Supervisors,
    I support the memo submitted by the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance and would like to understand the fee structure better as well. Their memo asks some important questions regarding some of the numbers and board discussion with staff would be appreciated to understand this info better.

    Thank you,
    Monique Ramirez
    District 3

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    Marnie Birger 6 months ago

    BOS, hello. Please see the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance memo. I support their memo.
    It'd be appreciated if you supported and implemented their memo, as well.
    Marnie B

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    Michael Katz 6 months ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Please see MCA's attached memo for this item.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance