Meeting Time: December 12, 2022 at 9:00am PST

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2d) Discussion and Possible Action Regarding the Handling of Vegetation Modification in Connection with Applications for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Under Mendocino County Code Chapter 10A.17 (Sponsor: County Counsel)

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    Jim Roberts over 1 year ago

    As a cannabis cultivation applicant dating back from 2017, I am deeply concerned about this particular item in the ordinance and how it is being handled with the possible denial by the MCD. This item needs to be opened to public comment, so that the board can fully understand the actual circumstances and conditions of applicants. No other crop in the county is treated this way, as I see whole hillsides cleared and graded of all native trees to make way for vineyard plantings. Our property has had over 20 trees removed in just one season alone by PGE because of a major set of power lines that run through it. All of these trees were close to our cultivation, but were either dead or declining due to sudden oak death. Some trees are still standing and completely dead, but I have been advised by a consultant to not remove them because of this part of the county ordinance. We have worked hard on our property to remove any under brush or dead growth from trees in order to have defensible space for fire protection, but we are unable to remove these dead trees because of a possible threat that MCD may deny a permit for our state licensed cultivation. This item in particular is complicated and inherently flawed. I respectfully ask the board to open this item to further comment and more importantly amend it in the ordinance.

    Jim Roberts

    The Bohemian Chemist
    The Madrones & The Brambles
    Sugar Hill Farm, LLC

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    Michael Katz over 1 year ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Please review the attached memo on the documents presented for this agenda item. We further suggest that you take the time to review Hannah Nelson's memo in depth, and work directly with her before bringing this deeply flawed program to the full Board.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance

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    Hannah Nelson over 1 year ago

    Please see my attached memo