Meeting Time: February 07, 2023 at 9:00am PST

Agenda Item

4f) Discussion and Possible Action Including Review, Adoption, Amendment, Consideration or Ratification of Legislation Pursuant to the Adopted Legislative Platform (Sponsor: Executive Office)

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    Christina Colangelo over 1 year ago

    Dear Supervisors,

    I wholeheartedly support the memo presented by MCA and urge you to follow their recommendations immediately.

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    Michael Katz over 1 year ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Please see the attached MCA memo where we raise concerns about the February 17 deadline for the introduction of legislation at the State level and the nearly 2 month delay by MCD in providing updated materials for inclusion in the platform despite multiple directions to do so.

    We urge you to discuss this item in open session and to update the County lobbyist with the MCA recommendations approved by the GGC on Dec 12.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance