Meeting Time: February 27, 2023 at 9:00am PST

Agenda Item

2d) Discussion and Possible Action Including a Recommendation to the Board Regarding Applicant Notification of a Previously Approved Cannabis Business Tax Reduction, Establishment of a Cannabis Business Tax Penalty and Interest Amnesty Program, and a Prior Year Cannabis Business Tax Payment Plan (Sponsor: Supervisor Mulheren)

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    Erin Neuroth about 1 month ago

    Thank you for bringing this item forward. Please consider suspending the cannabis tax 100% for 2 years as they did in Humboldt.

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    Jim Roberts about 1 month ago

    Regarding Item 2d: I am in support and so pleased to see this item regarding a tax reduction and payment plan brought forth by Supervisor Mulheren for licensed cultivators. I share the recommendation of MCA regarding this matter and further suggest that those who enter an agreement and payment plan be reclassified to “in good standing” by MCD. We truly appreciate this consideration that Supervisor Mulheren has brought forth and the attention given to those that are most economically impacted by the compliancy process.

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    Michael Katz about 1 month ago

    Honorable Supervisors,

    Please see MCA's attached memo on this item.

    We appreciate your consideration.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance

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    Heidi Wordhouse about 1 month ago

    While a 'minimum' tax is a burden that to my knowledge no other commodity or business has to endure, reducing that minimum tax for even a few years, will be a boon to a business community struggling with heavy fees and taxes on their products during a revenue decline. Further, giving these business owners hope that they might continue in the program by forging a payment plan, is an excellent idea. The goal is to keep farmers within a local legal framework, then to an annual where they can perhaps concentrate on business instead of ever-fluctuating administrative goalposts.

    I speak for several applicants in saying we support a reduction in the cannabis business tax, the establishment of an amnesty program for penalties and interest, and a payment plan that allows the farmer to remain within the program (hopefully including grant programs as well.)
    Thank you