Meeting Time: May 22, 2023 at 9:00am PDT

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2a) Discussion and Possible Action Including Providing Recommendations to Staff and a Referral to the Board of Supervisors Recommending Approval of the County of Mendocino Cannabis Department Monthly Update for May, 2023 (Sponsor: Cannabis)

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    Christina Colangelo 6 months ago

    I am encouraged by the positive new direction, however I am still shell shocked from the last 7 years of abuse under the prior administration and still waiting for my permit to be issued. I have had my state provisional license since 2018. Please continue to make forward progress and please disperse the LEEP grant funds to us equity farmers ASAP, and please fast track the LJAGP funds as well. While I’m happy we are beginning to finally be treated fairly, please don’t forget what we (especially Phase 1 applicants) have been forced to endure under the prior regime. I have yet to fully trust the BOS or the newly improved MCD, however, I am please by this new direction and urge the GGC to continue on this track.

    Thank you
    Christina Colangelo

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    Monique Ramirez 6 months ago

    Good morning!

    Please find the attached memo submitted by MCA concerning Tree Removal. Thank you so much for consideration of this public comment.

    Monique Ramirez

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    Laura Clein 6 months ago

    To the GGC,

    We echo MCA in appreciation of clear data, charts, timelines, etc. and our experience of forward movement. Kudos to the staff!

    Permit - We are relieved to report after nearly a year of being expired, we recently received our County permit renewal, with no compliance plan necessary, followed by our State Provisional license renewal.

    Equity - When will the direct grants be distributed to grantees? We already have full approval, we even already docusign-ed contract. We were told by MCD on multiple occasions our grant funds would be sent to us soon, but we have not seen a check yet. And so, we are not sure in on the table shown if we are considered "processed to completion" or "in review." It would be good to know when to expect it, so we can start lining up the crews to do the work we budgeted for equity grant use during the Spring / Summer season.

    Organizational Chart - We are curious to know if MCD is back under the auspices of the CEO or still being managed directly by the BOS.

    LJAGP - ASAP please after all these years of stagnation, we all can use all the funds we can get to help us get out State Annual License.

    MCA asks the right questions & offers simple edits that are wise to include.

    Thank you for all the time & attention on this important subject!

    Laura & Marty Clein

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    Michael Katz 6 months ago

    Honorable Supervisors and County Staff,

    We are genuinely encouraged by much of the information being presented in this report, and the significant improvements in tone, engagement and management that we are seeing in the Mendocino Cannabis Department under its new leadership. The responsiveness of the Department and clear effort being made to address the challenges that have been identified is a breath of fresh air and we believe that while there is still work to be done, we are all headed in the right direction for the first time in a long time.

    Please see our attached memo on the May MCD report for questions and comments that we look forward to discussing at the GGC meeting on Monday.


    Mendocino Cannabis Alliance